About informernepal

informernepal.com is a project/work that became live with initial motivation of "Let's give it a try" with all the technical,programming,data collecting and filtering effort all done by a single person with a hope to convey informative and reliable data about the COVID-19 in Nepal(and world to some extent) to public.It acts as a portal for the public to keep track of the latest news development about the COVID-19, alongside collecting data for further analysis.Reliable information of situation of COVID-19/Corona in Nepal.It provides the Nepal Coronavirus updates with statistics and charts.The data are not made-up but are taken from official source(MOHP) and gets updated accordingly.

It contains the data and the analysis of available data to analyze the trend(how the virus may spread and react in future).It also contains the local news related to the COVID-19/novel CoronaVirus.Hope the data collected might help in analyzing through AI/Machine Learning Model.This portal hopes in helping authorities take necessary steps viewing analysis made here.

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Phone no: 9819637989